Mission & Technology


Our mission is to overcome the restrictions that have held back the best cryptocurrencies, while at the same time building on their strengths and utilizing more modern approaches to the security of the blockchain.


The Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) makes Aryacoin blockchain immune to any attempts of 51% attack.


Aryacoin is built with the best technology behind Bitcoin and Litecoin in mind. Its distinctive feature is the absence of any restrictions regarding how it can be traded and exchanged by the users.

Decentralization & Freedom
Decentralization & Freedom

No verification is required for anyone in order to do transactions on AYA. This makes Aryacoin truly anonymous and gives it a real use case in day-to-day life. We embrace every person willing to become a part of the community.

A coin for financial democracy

Aryacoin is a new cryptocurrency that allows for decentralized, peer to peer transactions of electronic cash With Aryacoin's unique platforms, you can bring the effects of blockchain technology into your digital life The AYA network fee is zero as we believe that all network fees should be set at 0%

Alongside the coin, there is a digital wallet that can be created and controlled by the user entirely, with no control being retained by the Aryacoin team and again with no network fees

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Include the World

Aryacoin's main goal is to educate people and give them the freedom to use cryptocurrency in any way they want. Aryacoin empowers the users to transfer, pay, trade cryptocurrency from any country around the globe.

Platforms that have been created by Aryacoin Team, as well as those that will go live in future, operate on the same principle and exclude absolutely no one

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Strong security

You have 100% control of your wallet

Instant operation

We make it easy for you to use your online wallet


Going on a holiday or a business trip? No problem — you can access your coins all over the world

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April 2019
— The launch of Aryacoin; AYA ICO, resulting in over 30BTC collected
December 2019
— The launch of AYA Pay
April 2020
— The successful Hamedan Hardfork, supported by all AYA exchanges, aimed at integrating the dPoW algorithm, improving the security of the AYA blockchain.
June 2020
— Aryana Exchange goes live, opening more trading opportunities globally
July 2020
— The enabling of our Coin Exchanger
November 2020
— The implementation of Smart Contracts into the Aryacoin Ecosystem
Q1 2021
— Alef B goes live (more details coming soon)